Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Proper rain, at last!
After a scorching July which saw river levels dropping steadily, then a strange August which was hot at first, then cold, but devoid of significant rain, we now have a good spate running. Two-thirds of an inch of rain fell at Lifton yesterday, with a very wet morning followed by more showers overnight. The Tamar at Polson bridge was 0.8 metres on the gauge at 0800, it was 0.9 metres at 1300, having languished at 0.3 for weeks.
Currently the water is very dirty, but this is the first decent spate since April, and will start to get some salmon moving.
Another belt of heavy rain is predicted for tomorrow afternoon, and falling on already wettted ground this should give another rise. One can almost hear the salmon lacing up their running boots, preparing to scamper up the river as the spate starts to drop and clear.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Latest conditions

Cooler temperatures, heavy showers and at times high winds have brought an autumnal air to the rivers at Lifton. Trout fishing is up and down  - typical for August - but some anglers have done well fishing goldhead nymphs on the Lyd. The smaller tributaries could certainly do with an extra inch or three of water, but the rain falling seems to dry up within minutes of its arrival! In the meantime, sea trout night fishing is certainly still on the cards, with fish being caught on most nights and shoals now present in every pool. A spell of warmer, settled weather will no doubt improve sea trout catches further. We are coming up to salmon time at the Arundell Arms, though the salmon rods will stay in the cupboard until we have some serious rain to lift the river levels.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Sea Trout Update

The hotel sea trout catch now stands at 106, the highest at this point in the season since 2010. There are good numbers of fish throughout, and those fishing a light, delicate approach at night are picking up fish consistently. Last night regular sea trout guest, Alan Madsen, caught three to 2.5lb on beat 3 on the Lyd. Flies of size 8-12 have been catching most fish, with the surface lure also proving deadly.
After almost an inch of rain over the previous 24hrs, the Lyd has just had a top up of water, which should boost catches further by freshening the water and encouraging new fish to run. Prospects are looking very good indeed!!!

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Sea Trout Season In Full Swing

With rivers now down to summer low, sea trout are running through to us every night. Eleven were caught last night between five rods, all very fresh, bringing the season's total to 60.
Sea lampreys have also been running, with more of them spawning in the Tamar and Lyd than we have seen for many years.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

They're here!

Devon has 'enjoyed' copious amounts of rain in the last couple of weeks, keeping the rivers very full and giving ideal water for migratory fish to run. David Pilkington took advantage of this water to try for a daytime sea trout on the Lyd. He was surprised (and delighted!) to catch a very fresh 28 inch cock salmon in Silver Doctor pool, when he was really supposed to be picking wild garlic for the chefs.
Inspired, David took Richard Archer down to Bottom beat in the afternoon, where Richard very kindly snapped this picture of our first sea trout of the season, as you can see a sparkling fresh hen fish of 18 inches. The salmon and the sea trout both took the same fly, a size 6 Black Tadpole, fished on a sink-tip. Another sea trout was seen to jump twice in Stoat's tail pool.
Swarms of black gnats are mating over the stickles, we saw 3 mayflies on the Lyd, it really is time to go fishing.

Monday, 14 April 2014

First Tamar salmon landed!

We have just heard that the first salmon of the 2014 season has been landed on the River Tamar. The bright silver springer was caught on fly on a private fishery on the lower river. 
With the Tamar still running high, it might not be too long before we are announcing the first Arundell fish of the year!